30 June 2009

Another day

...another interview.

That's right, I'm still looking (and interviewing) for a job. But Clarissa, didn't you get a job? Why yes, yes I did. After sitting thru 5.5 hours of orientation (which by-the-way really shouldn't be called orientation. It should be referred to as filling out paperwork and watching outdated videos on what the company is NOT about.) the manager discussed the schedule. Sweet! Not. The company only allocates a certain numbers of hours to each store per week to be divided among it's employees. Sounds normal. Each store has 1-3 managers and managers are considered salary and therefore must have 40 hours per week. Alright, again sounds pretty normal. This particular store has 3 managers and so 120 hours immediately goes to these three individuals (who by-the-way also get mostly daytime hours). The store is allocated 150 hours per week. Hmm. 30 hours left. Alright, here comes the kicker-each associate is then given 3-6 hours per week. I'm sorry, I thought you just said 6. Oh, right. Six.

I went home feeling not so great. Six hours per week would barely cover my gas, not to mention the fact that ultimately I need a job that offers benefits.

So Stuart and I talked about it. We prayed about it. We talked about it some more. Then I called and quit. slow, deep breath

This whole job search thing is not only exhausting but so depressing. I know I am a good worker. I know I have skills that companies want in their employees. No, I don't have a college degree. No, I haven't "worked" in 4 years, but why should staying home to rear your children be held against you? There are plenty of moms that could walk circles around CEOs because running a household is SO MUCH MORE than just cooking, cleaning, and changing a diaper.

And so I have yet another interview today in which I must plaster a smile on my face and act like I am completely excited about potentially coming to work for whatever company and all I can think about is if I do get whatever job my kids are going to have to go to daycare and that just breaks my heart. I do want to get a job so that I can a) help my family, b) be there financially for my husband since he has been there for me/us for the past 6 years, c) be around adults and d) actually put clothes on. (I do wear clothes...)

There is an up side to all these interviews though: I get to see the craziest people known to man and they all happen to live in this city. Fun.

BTW-there's an update on baby Luke here. Thanks for praying!


Jennifer W. said...

I'm so sorry! Interviewing and having to act interested in a job you don't really want is awful. Ugh. I hope you get a job you don't entirely loathe and find some fun people to hang out with for the few hours you are out of the house. One of the few upsides to having to work - adult conversation (if the adults aren't totally stupid anyway. Or even if they are-better blog posts that way!). Crossing my fingers for you!