05 June 2009

We're Done

Finished. Out. Finito. Gone.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Cliche, I know, but so, so true.

I woke up this morning thinking that I was going to be feeling different. Like some cosmic force had fallen on my house in the middle of the night and changed the course of the world and we weren't going to be getting out of the Air Force and life wasn't about to take on a radical new color. But when I woke up all I thought was, this is it. And while I was in the shower I just kept thinking about all the knowledge that I have acquired while being a military spouse will never be used again; like the difference between a PX and the BX, ranks and insignias, ABUs and BDUs, blues with and without an Eisenhower jacket. See? When am I ever going to need to discuss the benefits of living on base vs off and getting BAH?

As I sat in the separations office with Stuart and the boys it didn't really dawn on me that I would never step foot in this building again, or this base for that matter. My boys wouldn't see the static displays anymore and proclaim with gusto that there was an AIRPLANE MOMMY! As I drove down the road I thought, I will never have to pull over and come to a stop for Reveille. Next time I see guards with guns I might be a little apprehensive, but not on base.

So, *to keep the memory of the military alive just a little longer, we did this:

*It wasn't really to keep the memory alive. Tucker just really wanted to have hair like his brother's and after enough whining we gave in.

So here's to the rest of our lives-clink, clink! Yes, the hard stuff is totally appropriate at 9 am.


Jennifer W. said...

Ah! Love that last photo. I am so happy for the excitement and mystery the rest of your lives hold. Best part - YOU get to decide what you'll do, when you'll go and WHERE you are. Cool!