11 June 2009


It's Thursday.
Thursday, really?
Is it not already Friday? Or Saturday?
It's been raining all week.
Fun for wanting to sleep, not so fun for outside play.
Oh, the places you'll go...
(that really made no sense but I felt like writing it)

So if you have not read about the blog that is causing turmoil ALL OVER THE WORLD, you can do so here. It's heart-breaking and infuriating and all things bad, but it is none-the-less.

And on to a complete separate subject, my parents came into town yesterday for a little visit. It will culminate in a caravan-style trip to Edmond, OK to see my youngest cousin get married. This also means that on Friday both my sisters, my niece and my youngest sister's boyfriend will overtake my house. Let me just make this ridiculously clear: on Friday there will be 10 people living in my house-7 adults, 3 children. Holy living-cow!

So since not much is happening around here at this precise moment, I leave you with this little gem:

yes, my husband loves me THAT much


Allison said...

I'm really disturbed by the whole AR thing too...grrr! Also, how is your nephew doing?

Jennifer W. said...

Cool! I still want a tattoo but Kevin doesn't. I should drug him and take him to get my name branded on him. something like "Property of Jennifer Welch. Back off B." Edmond huh, I think that's where Katie lives, not sure. I will pray for your 10 person household soul.