16 June 2009


While we were at the reception of my cousin's wedding on Saturday, I lost Tucker. Seriously, I.lost.Tucker. It was the scariest 30 seconds of my life. We were sitting/standing around our table waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham to arrive when I realized something was off. Stuart was holding Kate, my mom had Tyson, my dad was talking to my sisters and Shane, but what was I doing? The numbers didn't add up right.

Where's Tucker?

My heart literally stopped beating and I started sizing up all the people around me to check for nasty pedophiles. (Note-there were no pedophiles at my cousin's wedding but when you loose your child everyone around you morphs into someone or something else)

Where's Tucker?

I looked up into the more crowded tables, down around my feet, next to the fish tank...no Tucker.

Oh my gosh, we are in another state! He's gone!

It was just at that moment that I stammered into the doorway and there he was.
There was Tucker.
Sitting on the floor, eating yogurt melts out of Kate's no-spill-cup.
All in one piece.
Still in the same state that I was in.
Not abducted.
Just being Tucker.
And my heart started beating again.


Jennifer W. said...

I felt that way right after Avelyn started walking and I turned around in the kitchen and Avelyn wasn't there. IN MY OWN KITCHEN. I instantly freaked and pictured her lying upside down, drowned, in the toilet. She was behind the couch eating a piece of paper. This mom thing is hard. Glad you are all a-ok.

Brittany Skloss said...

We had a big family wedding this past weekend, too. Everyone kept taking Clay off and I kept freaking out when I would lose sight of him. There's nothing like not knowing where your mischievous little man is! The day you become a mama is the day you become a bonafide worrier!

Raena said...

That happened to us when we were in New Jersey and I was pregnant with Halle. We were in a bowling alley and 20 of Michael's family members were all playing, so he (Camden, who was 2) was passed all over the place. All of a sudden I realized no one had him. I flipped. I sent Michael looking for him and headed straight for the door. I was going to buck wild pregnant lady on anyone who tried to take my kid! Thank the Lord one of Michael's little cousins (16yrs) had taken him to get candy from the vending machine. I said, "From now on you HAVE to tell me if you take him anywhere!" It was so so so scary!